Kuokko is your virtual waiter.

Your clients will be able to make an order online directly from your app.

Kuokko is also your app for table ordering

A significant advantage is provided to both customers and restaurant owners through the ability to place orders at any time, empowering customers with convenience while enabling owners to save time and enhance task management efficiency.

With Kuokko, your customers can order comfortably from the table in complete autonomy simply by framing the appropriate QrCode through the app.
In this way they will be able to view the menu available at that time, proceed with the order and possibly pay according to the configuration chosen by the restaurant.

In the control panel we have added a section dedicated only to orders from the table in order to facilitate their taking charge and preparation, all with the simplicity and functionality that distinguish all Kuokko services.

Prints for the tables

To make easy the preparation of QrCodes to be used at the table, we have prepared two types of templates that you can download and print independently, saving time and money.

One involves the use of a table display for example in Plexiglas and one can simply be printed and applied to the table top.

For those who want to create a completely customized image, there will be the possibility to download the single QrCode to be used within their own graphics.

real advantages for your activity

  • It improves the restaurant operations
  • It improves the customer experience
  • Sales rise
  • It boosts your business
  • It keeps you competitive.
  • Customer loyalty.

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